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Indoor Lighting

In our indoor lighting range you will find the latest style and trend at the best price. You will find all your indoor lighting needs here, for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining area. Large range of wall lamps and table lamps to chandeliers and pendant lights that will truly transform your living space.


Pendant Lights

A pendant lamp is ideal to light up your living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom in an atmospheric and decorative way. We offer a wide range of pendant lamps in various shapes and sizes, from classic and modern pendant lamps!


Chandeliers are decorative ceiling-mounted light fixtures. They are often ornate, and normally use lamps. Crystal chandeliers have more or less complex arrays of crystal prisms to illuminate a room with refracted light. Chandeliers are often located in hallways, living room and recently in bathrooms. 

Chandeliers exude charm and elegance, with our range you will find the perfect chandelier in subtle colours, sizes and styles. From classic and vintage to modern and retro crystal chandeliers that come with or without shades. 

At, you are sure of getting quality and latest chandeliers to give your house that desired look and feel.

Wall Lights

Wall Brackets (Lighting) are type of light fixtures affixed to a wall in such a way that it uses only the wall for support, and the light is usually directed upwards, but not always. 

You will find a large range of LED wall lamps, decorative single wall spotlights to more modern and classic wall lamps. A wall lamp can be a space saver for small areas or combine it with other lamps such as floor and table lamps in large areas.

The varieties of Wall Brackets offered by is best and unbeatable in terms of look, feel and durability.


Spotlights are perfect as additional lighting for reading or highlighting an area as they are adjustable. Our range of spotlights are suitable for both LED and halogen lights, you find large or small spotlights to create atmosphere and a statement!

The quality of lighting within a home can make or break a visitor’s impression about its decor. At, we highly value the time and effort you devote in beautifying your home. Therefore, to meet the needs of customers, we have come up with a new collection of spotlights. The spotlights that we offer as a part of this range are highly friendly and have a long lifespan. They are mercury free and thus do not lead to UV radiation which is a major cause of concern these days. Bring about a change in the lighting aesthetics of your room with our assorted range of spotlights. Therefore, to build an eco-friendly future and beautify your home, switch to the use of spotlights.

Ceiling Lights

For your home or garden we have the ideal ceiling lamp for you!

Ceiling lights are ideal for every room in your home. Depending on the room and the atmosphere you want to create, you will find that our range of ceiling lamps come in every style, size and colour to suit your taste and needs!

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can be used as additional lighting or as a statement making piece in your chosen area! Our range include adjustable, modern, industrial and designer inspired floor lamps with or without a shade and many more styles, sizes and colours!

Table Lamps

A variety of different styles, sizes and colours of table lamps can be found with us! From adjustable modern desk lamps and vintage bankers lamp to country and industrial table lights with or without shades to create atmospheric and decorative look!

Track Lighting

Track lighting is ideal for areas where you lack space or in need for multiple lighting needs. Great for showrooms, retail stores or your home! They come complete with or without adjustable spotlights ranging from modern to industrial.

Ceiling Fans

Multi-functional ceiling fan lights for use both in the summer and winter! Ideal for those hot and muggy summer evenings, a must have for areas in your home or office for beautiful lighting and good air circulation for a refreshing and breezy space!

Arc Lamps

Arc lamps are statement making floor lights that can transform your chosen area! Our range include adjustable, modern and designer inspired arc lamps with or without a shade and many more styles, sizes and colours!

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