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Ellington electric works on finding solutions in energy, building, health, home, powering and curing the world. Ellington exceeds expectations.

Ellington Electric was founded in the United Kingdom. Within a short time it has made progress and took its place among the leading electrical products in the world. The company's product range includes 325 products.

Ellington Electric currently manufactures 90% of the Surge protector products range. As a consequence of its close follow-up of the recent developments in any area from institutionalization to technological innovations, it has received its prize by becoming No. 1 and 2 in the market. Ellington Electric is the only UK Company which has a share in the Surge protector products market and was listed in No. 1 and 2 in the market.

Mechanical Research and Development, Electronic R& D and Electrical R& D works are carried out in three departments, in coordination with each other. At R&D department, using Silicon Graphics and Uni Graphics which are among the most sophisticated computer systems and CAD-CAM software in the world, high quality goods are designed and prepared for manufacture by the engineers and designers, who are specialized and experienced in their field, in a way to respond to today's and tomorrow's needs with the technology of future. All parts of the products designed and finally formed at the R& D department are produced as prototypes by Ellington Electric.

Mechanical design of the products are prepared in computer environment, their contact pressure,3D mechanism design and tolerance simulations are made and checked, and then prototypes of these products are prepared and visual checks are made, following that the designs are transferred through the network to Charmillse wire erosion and CNC benches located at the die shop and their molds are prepared.

After casting molds, first products are manufactured. Samples produced from these parts undergo mechanical (pulling, break, hardness, friction, etc.) and electrical (short circuit, thermal and magnetic opening, etc.) tests. Products with successful test results are ready for mass production. The products manufactured in compliance with international standards are tested at the laboratories equipped with the state-of-the-art test systems, including short circuit tests, using modern test devices.

Our product line include Switches and sockets, LED lamps, Surge Protectors, Floor Lamps, Walk through metal detectors, Hand held metal detector.

Ellington Electric carried its systematic development to international standards and is listed among the first 70 institutions which hold ISO 9000 certificates. Our company was awarded with the Quality Prize at the 1st International Technology-Quality and Manufacturing Systems Congress on account of being a company that implements TS-EN-9000 quality assurance system perfectly.

Ellington Group follows up the worldwide developments continuously and makes major investment in R&D; and as a consequence, it holds Industrial Design and Patent registrations worldwide for approximately 100 products.

All processes from the starting point to the end of the production (from raw materials and product stocks to finished product stocks) are checked by the ERP software and barcode system. ERP software ensures ISO 9001 standard compliant traceability, thus reduces recording and counting errors in warehouses below 0.5.

Employment process is based on the principle of "person appropriate for the task". A 360 degree proficiency based performance evaluation is applied to all personnel. And as a consequence of this test, skills of the personnel are determined, and required training programs for ceaseless improvement are prepared.


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