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LED Batten Lights

LED Batten lights are widely used for indoor lighting at homes, garages and retail outlets. They can also be used to illuminate dark areas within a room. At Yankara.com, we give special attention to the safety and convenience of clients. Therefore, the batten lights sourced by us are UV as well as IR free. They come with a long life span. You can save as much as 40% on your energy bills as compared to the T5 fluorescent tubes. This is the major reason why the batten lights offered by us are used in malls, cafes, restaurants, and homes.The LED battens offered by us work well with all types of LED tubes. They can also be used with normal commercial LED bulbs. The lighting sources offered by us are available in both weatherproof and indoor versions. LED battens, when combined with integrated led tubes, are the most workable solutions for linear lighting. They have a number of plus points over the normal fluorescent fixtures you would come across. The batten lights have lightweight and slimline which gives them a stylish look. You can opt for integrated LED fixtures in areas where fluorescent lighting is normally used. They usually come with integrated T8 or T5 tubes.The LED battens that we offer can be installed in a hassle free manner. Due to their light weight, they can be set up using only two screws. They can also be connected to your power supply. So, the installation process can be completed within minutes. This feature makes them best suitable for corridors.

LED Bulbs

The quality of lighting plays an influential role in improving the ambiance within a room. To help users adapt to the changing décor trends, Yankara.com presents a new collection of LED bulbs online. The bulbs which we have on offer have been procured from well-known brands. These bulbs have been carefully selected to offer optimum level of illumination to users. They can also help both home and office based users to keep energy bills in check. To know about the LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulb price, you can browse through our latest collection of LED lighting sources.

LED Downlights

Downlights are one of the major sources of lighting in many houses and offices these days. Hassle free installation and judicious use of electricity are some of the major reasons why people are adapting to the use of LED downlights. Yankara.com aims to help you adjust to this transition by sourcing high quality lighting sources from well-known manufacturers. The products offered by us use less than half of the energy consumed by halogen globes to produce the same volume of light. They have a long life span and are capable of releasing photons (light energy) once an electric current passes through them. The downlights offered by us are resistant to voltage spikes. You can turn them on and off a number of times without having a negative impact on their durability.The safety and welfare of users are our primary concern. Therefore, we source mercury free downlights since it is known to pollute the environment. The inhaling of mercury vapor can be the cause of a number of health hazards. The LED downlights sourced by us have a much lower temperature as compared to halogen lights. Therefore, you do not require the use of fireproof hoods for downlights. Low heat generation will help you minimize dangers related to the outbreak of fires. Our lighting equipment does not include gas filled globes. So, they are more resistant to breakage as compared to fluorescent, halogen or incandescent lights. Therefore, to build a more energy efficient future, opt for LED downlights offered by Yankara.com.

LED Panel Lights

The appearance of a room speaks volumes about the tastes and preferences of its owner. To add a touch of sophistication to your room, it is essential to come up with new ideas of lighting. We, at Yankara.com, will help you do that with precision. In recent years, LED lights have become a revelation among owners of residential and commercial property because of their eco-friendly nature, a minimal level of UV emissions and long life span. The LED panel lights offered by us have flexible designs and a high level of brightness. They can be applied in combination with the best quality of reflective panels and sealed design. The use of reliable photoconductor plates and aluminum materials plays a major role in panel lights. Moreover, you can control LED panel lights through different programs with the help of an external controller. You can also adjust the level of brightness and color temperature. 

LED Spot Lights

The quality of lighting within a home can make or break a visitor’s impression about its decor. At Yankara.com, we highly value the time and effort you devote in beautifying your home. Therefore, to meet the needs of customers, we have come up with a new collection of spot lights online. The LED spot lights that we offer as a part of this range are highly friendly and have a long lifespan. They are mercury free and thus do not lead to UV radiation which is a major cause of concern these days. Bring about a change in the lighting aesthetics of your room with our assorted range of LED spotlights.
The spot lights which we have on offer have been aesthetically designed from quality materials such as die cast aluminum and can bear the changes in weather. They can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. The spot lights are free from harmful materials such as mercury. Therefore, they do not cause UV and IR radiation which are known to be the major agents of global warming. Therefore, to build an eco-friendly future and beautify your home, switch to the use of LED spotlights.

LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights are used in numerous applications such as outdoor decoration, building outer walls for night lighting.To help customers create a warm ambiance within the available space, Yankara.com offers an exciting range of LED flood lights.These lighting sources offer a high amount of illumination, help to save a substantial amount of energy and offer a stable working performance.They are highly durable and are ideal for use in tunnel areas, community halls, gardens, parks and stadiums. The LED flood light bulbs that we offer in this category are waterproof and produce a high amount of brightness while consuming a minimal amount of power. At Yankara.com, we make it a point to enhance the level of customer satisfaction by offering user-friendly, durable products.To satisfy the indoor and outdoor lighting needs of our customers, we have procured LED flood lights from well-known brands.To acquire the attractive deals on LED lighting sources, choose from the latest range available at Yankara.com.

LED Street Lights

Street lighting is of paramount importance for the safety and convenience of inhabitants. The street lighting products offered by Yankara.com are affordable, energy efficient and ensure safe travel down the streets when it is dark. The LED street lights that we have come up with will improve illumination across lanes and by lanes, bring down electricity bills and maintenance costs. The lighting fixtures offered by us contain die cast aluminium powder with toughened glass and graphite grey. They are suitable for lighting traffic signals, roads, etc. On the other hand, people who are looking for street lights for use in access roads and secondary roads should go for fixtures that include extruded aluminium channel. It holds the heatsink with clear dome easling, accessories and reflector assy. We believe in creating long-term, trustworthy relationships. So, we source quality products from well-known brands. So, to create a more environment-friendly future, go for street lights from Yankara.com.

LED Bay Lights

LED bay lights are widely used to meet the illumination needs of factories and plants. To meet the needs of home and industry-based workers, Yankara.com presents an exciting range of LED bay lighting. The lighting sources that we offer in this range are high intensity indoor/outdoor lights that are best suited for use in workshops, factories and industrial sheds.These lights have the power to illuminate large areas using their wide dispersion without causing any adverse impact on the environment.The LED white neutral lights that we offer as a part of this category come with aluminium extruded body. 

LED Flashlights & Torches

Flashlights and torches are meant to help you cope up with the issue of power blackout. We, at Yankara.com offer portable, easy to use searchlights which have the capacity to produce 4000 lumens of white light. Using them, you can move across the darkest corners of your home or office. The LED flashlights and torches sourced by us are made from the latest technology to suit the varying needs of our clients. The torches which we have come up with have ABS plastic bodies which ensure a high quality of performance and impact resistance while conforming to the aesthetic tastes of users.The LED flashlights and torches available at Yankara.com are produced in factories with ultramodern design and testing facilities. Keeping in touch with the preferences of our clients, we have come with a vast range of models from leading brands in different sizes, colors and designs. The flashlights that we have on offer range from 1W to 3W, which gives clients numerous options to choose from. From homes to outdoors, our plastic torches have gained a fan following among users and can be used to provide the much-needed illumination when it's dark. All flashlights come with a charger and battery. To acquire LED high-quality torches and flashlights from well-known brands, opt for Yankara.com.

LED Strip Lights

Planning to give your rooms an unconventional, yet realistic look? We, at Yankara.com, have come up with a wide range of LED strip lights for use in offices and homes. These lighting sources can help you to bring about a remarkable change in indoor design. Strip lights come with a number of plus points over traditional sources of lighting. As in the case of other LED lights, it makes use of less electricity to produce a significant amount of light. We have come up with strip lights of different colors ranging from green and yellow to blue and amber. The normal lifespan of Strip Lights is 75,000 hours.An LED strip light is easy to install and can adjust more easily in any ambiance, unlike normal light bulbs. So, they can be used in different parts of a room such as a bookcase, shelves or cabinets. They come with a self-supporting which makes the installation process quick. They produce a lesser amount of heat as compared to normal lights and are therefore a safer option for users. Keeping the quality perspective in mind, we source lighting products from well-known brands like. One unique feature of LED strip lights as a lighting source is that they can cut according to the exact length. If you are planning to set up a lighting sources in you display shelves, then these light strips will serve your purpose. They will provide adequate illumination to the curved corners of your room. These days, color changing strip lights are becoming a common feature in restaurants and bars as well. Therefore, to have a better quality of lighting in your shelves or work spaces, go for strip lights offered by Yankara.com.

LED Foot Lights

Footlights are commonly used in passages, staircases, pathways and driveways to provide illumination. To help you create a warm ambience in the area, Yankara.com has come up with a wide range of LED footlights. The lighting sources that are available in this category are made from high-quality aluminium and are ideal for use in lighting landscapes, staircases and pathways. They are available in a number of grades such as square, vertical and rectangular. These LED footlights are available in a wide range of colors ranging from blue and amber to green, red, cool white, warm white and neutral white. To meet the needs of customers looking for high-quality lighting sources for decorative illumination, Yankara.com has sourced products from well-known brands. To buy footlights, check the new range available at Yankara.com.

LED Garden Lights

Outdoor lighting plays a major role in enhancing the look of a home and boosting its security. To help you improve the look of your home's exterior and keep it safe from intruders, Yankara.com presents a new range of LED garden lights. The LED warm white garden lights that we offer as a part of this category are pressure die cast with aluminium with stainless steel fasteners. They are IP 65 rated and come with a secondary lens. They come with an option of having a spike based stand. Our amber up down lights walkover lights come with a white/black powder coated finishing which makes them resistant to scratching, chipping and finishing. To meet the lighting needs of home based users, Yankara.com has sourced high-quality outdoor garden lights from well-known brands. Keeping in touch with the varying tastes of our customers, we are offering LED garden lights in a variety of colors ranging from blue, amber, cool white, green, warm white and neutral white. To acquire the best deals on outdoor garden lights, select from the assortment of lighting sources available at Yankara.com.

LED Headlamps

We have ranges of LED Headlamps sourced from brands known for qaulity. If you are in need or quailty LED Headlamps, buy from Yankara.com.

LED Wall Washers

LED wall washers are most suitable for accent, spot and fill lighting over large spaces. To ensure uniform indirect light over a large area and minimize textures on walls and vertical surfaces, Yankara.com presents the latest range of LED wall washers. The LED neutral white wall washers that are available in this range come with an extruded aluminium body and a linear light to wash a building's facade. They offer an excellent vertical throw of light and are suitable for facade lighting and landscape lighting. To satisfy the lighting needs of customers who come from different backgrounds, Yankara.com has sourced LED wall washers from reputed brands. The products that we offer as a part of this category are available in a wide range of colors ranging from blue, amber and cool white to green, red, neutral white and warm white. To acquire the best deals on LED wall washers, select from the new range available at Yankara.com.

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