ABB 800A Automatic Changeover Switch

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ABB’s 800A Automatic Changeover Switches have the features and functionality that makes them suitable for diverse applications: industrial plants, docks, airports and data centers.

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Safe and reliable operation

The change-over mechanism has three stable positions, which ensure isolation of the two asynchronous power supplies.

No risk of short circuit between the sources, even in the presence of transient voltages. The switch has a selector to choose between manual and automatic operation. Automatic operation is disabled by padlocking the latch or by fitting the handle. Both manual and automatic operation can be prevented by padlocking the handle in O position. Manual operation is always possible in emergency situations, even without electricity. 

Easy installation

The design of ABB automatic transfer switch is advanced and compact. The OMD control unit can be adjusted according to the depth of the panel and the voltage sensing kit is installed at the factory. This reduces installation cost and time. 

The motor operator of the ATS is protected by a fuse. If the operation frequency is exceeded, the fuse protects the motor.

No more expensive repair work. It is also possible to purchase the control units and motorized change-over switches as separate components, so the users can build the automatic transfer switch by themselves if desired.

It has friendly interface. The panels of the OMD control units show the status of the system clearly: line status, switch position, alarms and operation mode (manual or automatic). The OMD can be configured in an easy way.

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