Stabilizer TEC 8000D-8000VA

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Stabilizes voltage of Large fridges and freezers, 100% power output guaranteed, Load capacity of 8000VA in single phase, Stailizes voltage of mains of the house or equivalent.

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Customer Model    STAB TEC8000D-8000VA

Color:    White

Stabilizer Features:    Wider input voltage (91V - 279V AC), Stable power output, Time delay push botton, High Voltage protection, Overload protection, Short circuit protection, Microprocessor controlled, Single phase, Digital

Capacity    8000VA

Input Frequency    50HZ

Standard    CE; SONCAP

Wider Input Voltage Range (91 - 279V)    Yes

Powerful 100% loading capacity when the input voltage at 160-260Vac    Yes

Circuit Board    The high quality CPU chip which was used in the mother board to ensure the circuit board working fast and accuracy

Cover Type    thicker metal cover and frame was used for the machine protection

Resetable Circuit Breaker    Yes

Transformer high temperture protector was used to cut off the output when overloading    Yes

High voltage protection, overloading protection, short circuit protection etc which could safe guard the stabilizer    Yes

High quality EI transformer for the power below 2KVA ,which were used the imported first hand silican steel sheet    Yes

High quality C.R.G.O transformer for the power above 5KVA ,Which used the high temperature insulating panting technology for the colings and high effiency core which avoild the transformer power consumption    Yes

Famous CHNT brand name air swich was used for the 5KVA &8KVA    Yes

Rate of Correction    3mili sec

Display    Digital

Height    385.0
Depth    230.0
Width    250.0

Output    180-250V
Input    91-279V

High Voltage    Yes
High Temperature    Yes
Short Circuit    Yes