Mercury Elite 2000Pro UPS

New product

Line Interactive UPS, designed with a Wide input voltage range, Compatible with generators, Overload protection, Short circuit protection, Built-in AVR, Battery deep discharge protection & overcharge protection.

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Rating input voltage:     2000 VA / 1200 W

Rating input frequency:     60/50Hz (auto sensing)

Input phase:     Single phase

Input socket:     With Fuse

Cold Start (0 to 100% load):     Press the ON/OFF Switch

Input Range (220V):     140-300

Rating output(VA):     2000

Rating output (W):     1200

Power factor:     0.6

Rating output voltage (V):        220

Waveform:     Battery mode (simulated sine wave),
                     AC mode(sine wave)

AC Voltage Regulation :    ±10% (Battery mode)

Rear output socket:    4 x Universal - Battery backup

Waveform:        Simulated Sine Wave (Battery mode)

Line Mode:     Synchronize with the utility

Rating frequency:        60Hz or 50 Hz ± 1 Hz

Battery Mode:        Yellow flashing

Short circuit protection Line Mode:        Fuse & Firmware protection

Short circuit protection Battery Mode:        Firmware Protection

Overload protection Line Mode:        110%±5%; Go to fault mode Line Mode after 5 minutes, 120%±5%; ,                                                   Go to fault mode immediately.

Overload protection Battery Mode:        110%±5%; Shutdown after 5 seconds, 120%±5%, Shutdown '...............                                          immediately

Indicators AC mode:        Green Lighting

Indicators Battery Mode:        Yellow Flashing

Indicators Fault:        Red Lighting

Alarm Battery Mode:        Sounding every 10 Seconds

Alarm Low Battery:        Sounding every Second

Alarm Overload:    Sounding every 0.5 second

Alarm Fault:        Continuously sounding

Full Protection:        Overload, discharge, and Overcharge protection

Transfer Time:        Typical 2-6ms, 10ms max.

Transfer Time:        Typical 2-6ms, 10ms max.

Communication Interface:        Optional RS232/RJ11

Battery and runtime Rating:        2 X 12V/9AH

Recharge time - Typical:        6-8 hours recover to 90% capacity

Charge current:        About 1A at normal mode.

Dimension, W X H X D (cm):        22.5 X 12.5 X 39

Net Weight (kgs):        12.7KGS

Humidity:        0-90 % RH @ 0- 40°C (non-condensing)

Noise Level:        Less than 45dB

Compatible with OS:        Supports Windows® 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7

Communication interface:        Elite 2000pro (N/A), Elite 2000ipro (USB/RJ11)